Chalk up one more experience in the “Done that” column for Lustre. Today we went into the recording studio for the first time to officially begin work on our newest project: our first CD! We’re working a few times over the next couple months, and we’re hoping that sometime this summer we’ll be announcing completion.

We weren’t entirely sure what to expect today, even though we’ve gotten to watch some of our friends go through the CD-making process and we’ve gotten some really great advice. It’s one of those things that is just hard to imagine until you’re there, actually doing it. We got together bright and early at a friend’s house in Annapolis to warm up and get vocally ready (Thanks Gale!), then we drove over the Bay Bridge to LSP Recording Studios in Cordova, MD (Hi Les!). We got right down to work, jumping right in to singing.

After only three passes through the first song, we declared our first track “done”! (at least until we listen to it really critically over the next couple weeks.) Not too many passes through the next song and we found that it too, was “done”, at least for today. The third and fourth songs were not so quick. We found that singing in a circle with microphones in our faces is not at all like the performance experience to which we are accustomed – and we really noticed a challenge in getting our hearts and minds and voices all to deliver the songs in the way we want. So, we put down some draft versions, and have homework to listen to them and figure out what to do with them from here on out.

We’ll be heading back to the studio in a few weeks to do some more tracks, and then again a couple more times in the months to follow. If things go as we hope, we’ll be selling the finished product sometime this summer.

In the meantime, here is a little preview of how things are going so far. Enjoy!

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