Over and over we are reminded of the loving, supportive community of friends who surround us in everything we do.   All year ’round, Lustre is on the receiving end of various acts of kindness from others —  lettings us do run-throughs of our material for our choruses, help with costuming, coaching, ideas for music, donations of goods for our fundraisers, word-of-mouth advertising and job leads, and on an on.  As we head into another season of International competition, we’ve received gifts of beautiful jewelry, delicious treats, and adorable ornaments.  And in 2013 in particular, we have received absolutely incredible financial support, way beyond our imagining.  Between the Kickstarter project to fund the CD and donations toward our Hawaii competition, we’ve been overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends.

We’d like to take a moment to send a special Thank You to the following Friends of Lustre, who have made our year so special by showering us with your gifts and talents.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

SAI Atlantic-Bay-Mountain Region 19

Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus

Capital Accord Chorus

Carolina Harmony Chorus

Diamond State Chorus

Pride of Baltimore Chorus

Dundalk Chorus

Jersey Sound Chorus

Shades of Harmony Chorus

Michael Gellert

Rick Taylor

Cindy Hansen

Lace Quartet

Freestyle Blend Quartet

Vocal Exchange Quartet

Gale Lewis

Lori Bader

Judy Hassan

Sue Guenther

Lou Wiot

Maria Philip

Natalie McEntire

Ron & Jane Hunt

Elaine Wilreker

Sam MacFarland

Kickstarter Donors

Kickstarter Donors

We have the BEST friends!   Yes, that’s YOU we’re talking about! Last fall, we decided that we wanted to make a CD. It’s been a dream for a while, and over the years, folks have asked us now and again if it was something we were planning to do. But making a CD is really expensive! With the other expenses that we have on tap for this coming year, we weren’t sure we’d be able to swing it on our own. So we decided to turn to our friends for some help. Through the power of “crowd sourcing” on Kickstarter, and through the generous support of our network of family, friends and fans, we were able to raise funds to substantially offset the cost of our CD project! We are so very, very grateful to all those who have so kindly and generously contributed to this project. We could not have made this dream a reality without your support!   For a full list of kind people who became Kickstarter Donors, please refer to the list in the right sidebar of the Friends of Lustre page.
Ericka McLeod

Ericka McLeod

Ericka McLeod is our website designer / graphic designer extraordinaire!   She has done a really fantastic job with us, helping us to implement our new site.  She does a fantastic job taking our somewhat random and scattered input, and translating that into a graphic design that matches our vision.   If you have website work or graphic work that you need to have done, give her a try!    DesignBinary, LLC.  www.designbinary.com
Rick Taylor

Rick Taylor

Rick Taylor has been coaching Lustre since late summer 2012.  He's been working with us to find the emotional aspect of our craft, and bring out the juicy meaning in our music.  Lately he's also been accompanying us in the recording studio, helping us find our sound in that strange environment.   Thanks, Rick, for all your help and support!